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About Viking RV Services
We are a family business that provides a comprehensive mobile RV camper/van life tech service, catering customers who want their repair and maintenance issues fixed, so they can continue enjoying their RV lifestyle or vacation. We are located in Central Florida, Daytona beach area, and travel further than most of our competitors, offering services all across the sunshine state of Florida!
With years of experience working in the field and an extensive background in RV repair and maintenance, me, Erik Nestingen, and my family, bring a wide range of knowledge to every job. I always strive to maintain old-fashioned values while performing any type of service – this is something that sets me apart from other companies.

Rather than just relying on computer systems or machines, I believe in providing a personal touch when engaging with customers; my handshake is an extension of my work ethic. The dedication and commitment that I have towards each customer project is unparalleled, ensuring that all clients receive superior quality results as well as unmatched satisfaction.

I'm also proud to offer a variety of services that cater to the unique needs of customers such as generator servicing, roof installation or replacement, electrical repairs, general troubleshooting, hydraulic or electric slide-out and leveling systems, HVAC, refrigeration, and LP systems. With an emphasis on delivering excellent craftsmanship at competitive rates backed by reliable warranties and guarantees for parts and labor, it's no wonder I am known as one of the most sought-after services for camper/van life owners across Florida!

About Erik Nestingen - Owner Operator since 2020
Hi, my name is Erik. I have a diverse background in the electrical and semiconductor industry, property maintenance and management as well as automotive technician experience. My customer service experience has been invaluable to me, and I take great pride in my commitment to integrity and honesty in everything I do. It's one of the reasons why I'm so passionate about working in the RV industry - it's filled with incredible people who always strive to help each other.

One major aspect of working in the RV industry for 8 years that I appreciate is the sense of community among employees and customers alike. Everyone is eager to lend a helping hand when needed, which makes it a wonderful place to build relationships with peers and customers alike. Additionally, many RV owners form lifelong friendships with their fellow campers while out on the road or at campsites which creates an incredibly strong sense of camaraderie within this particular industry.

I also recognize how important it is for customers to have faith in their technicians when it comes to making repairs or upgrades on their RVs. That's why I always strive to go above and beyond when servicing customers' vehicles by providing quality workmanship combined with honest communication. With years of experience under my belt, I'm confident that I can provide reliable results no matter what kind of repair or upgrade may be necessary for any given situation.

Above all else, being a part of such a wonderful industry that allows me to help others every day is what brings me the most joy out of my work as an RV technician. Knowing that my skills are making a difference in people’s lives is what drives me forward each day!

About Michelle Reeves- Accountant/Operation Manager

I'm Michelle Reeves, married to Erik Nestingen, and I work as an accountant, and operation manager at Viking RV Services. As a bookkeeper and accounts manager, I handle all day-to-day accounting issues, payroll, and taxes. I have ten years of experience in the field. I am grateful to be able to do my job in any environment and at a moment's notice if need be. As a multitasker, I also run my own business called Lenu Bookkeeping Services.

I studied applied math at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, Montana from 2009-2012. I moved to Florida in 2019 after working as a real estate development manager and hotel manager for seven years. while in those industries, I learned that I wanted to continue my career working with people and numbers.

I was born in New Jersey, and I’ve visited 45 states, all before I was 25. My favorite state is still Montana, as I go there every year with my family, including Erik, my son Jonathan Maguire, and my Daughter Lechelle Maguire, to visit Stepsons Benjamin Nestingen, and William Nestingen. One day I hope to visit Norway and Bolivia.

About Jonathan Maguire – Field Manager

I’m Jonathan Maguire. I currently work as the field manager and maintenance tech and RV tech assistant with my dad Erik. I believe we do better than our competition because we are a family-based company, and we always solve the problem—no matter how long it takes or how far we have to go to get the job done. I also believe that I connect with all of our clients well and build relationships with them so they feel more comfortable knowing that we can help them.

I love learning new skills, and I try to learn something new every day. I’ve been working with Erik for just over a year now, and I’ve learned a lot about RV tech and the lifestyle in that time. I graduated high school in 2018, and my hobbies include gaming and drawing, as well as skateboarding.

About Lechelle Maguire- assistant bookkeeper

Hi, my name is Lechelle and I work as the assistant bookkeeper for Viking RV Services. I help gather information for customers, maintain and update the schedule in the calendar for work appointments, as well as help my mom with paperwork and invoices. I’ve been by my mom’s side continuously learning about bookkeeping and accounting, so that I can apply my knowledge to future jobs. Occasionally, I also work alongside Erik, assisting him through bringing him tools or picking up parts for client accounts.

Graduating high school was a huge accomplishment for me. I continued my education at Daytona College, and I graduated on May 22, 2022, with my degree in Full Specialist w/ Spa Services. Obtaining my license and certificate in HIV/AIDS course completion was an important milestone as well. This achievement has allowed me to gain knowledge of professional skin care brands.

I’m a big sister to three stepbrothers, Hammie, Ben, and Tristen, and my youngest brother, Maxwell. I am also a younger sister to my older brother Jon. I enjoy being a sister--they all keep my hands full! Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and lying with my cat. I also love doing my makeup and waxing; both are very relaxing for me. I also like spending time outdoors when the weather is nice.

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Replacement and Diagnostic Issues

  • Inverters

  • New Purchase Inspections

  • Plumbing Diagnostic, Leaking Lines, Toilet, Sinks, Showers, Under Bellies, Clean Outs

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Refrigerator Repair & Replacement

  • Roofing, Roof Inspection, Roof Leaking Repair, Roof Replacement

  • Slide-Out Diagnostics

  • Slide-Out Repairs & Replacements

  • Trailer Hitch Install

  • Trailer Light Electrical Issues Diagnostic

  • Trailer Lights Replacement

  • Trailer Wheel Bearings

  • Wheel Bearings

  • A/C Diagnostic Repair,Replacement, & Clean Out

  • Awning Fabrics

  • Awning Replacements

  • Awnings

  • Batteries

  • Black and Gray Water Tank Replacement

  • Converters

  • Diagnostic and Repair Electrical and Hydraulic Leveling Jack Systems

  • Electrical Diagnostic

  • Furnace Diagnostic Repair, Replacement and Clean Out

  • Generators

  • Hotwater Heater Repair & Replacements

  • Hotwater Heaters Diagnostics



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